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Should you hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Should you hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer?… This is the ultimate question before filing for bankruptcy. Should you hire a bankruptcy lawyer? What difference will it make? What are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring one? This article seeks to answer these questions and provide important details if should you or should you not get the services of a professional.

Time and again it has been emphasized that the US Bankruptcy Code and its surrounding rules and provisions are too complex for an ordinary citizen to comprehend. There are so many things you have to familiarize that not even hours of reading will cover everything. You may file the bankruptcy petition on your own, but one wrong action and you may start all over again. As much as a lawyer would cost a debtor a sizable amount of money, a lawyer’s service is necessary in filing for bankruptcy.

But wait, it’s not that easy! There are some things you need to consider in choosing the best lawyer to handle your case. After all, your bankruptcy case might turn into a nightmare if you’ve hired an incompetent lawyer.

Here are some points to consider when hiring a bankruptcy lawyer:

– A lawyer working for the state your are filing for bankruptcy petition should be the first thing to consider.

– A lawyer with a good reputation will greatly increase the success chances of your bankruptcy application. Ask friends or relatives if they know someone who’s competent. If you don’t know anyone, you can always try the phonebook or the Internet. Just make sure that the bankruptcy lawyer is competent enough. Sift through the Internet of what his former clients have to say about him.

– Once you’ve found a name, try to call the lawyer and set up an initial meeting. A free consultation for the initial meeting will determine the sincerity of the lawyer. Some are really offering the initial consultation for free.

– Go to the appointed meeting and get a feel of how you interact with the lawyer, whether you feel comfortable confiding information to him. You can ask the lawyer questions pertaining to his professional experience and you can also ask him questions about the bankruptcy proceedings and see if you are contented with his answers. It is vital to feel comfortable interacting with this person because he should be there to help you with the whole process and not make it more difficult.

– If you do feel comfortable, then you can hire him and get everything on paper. If you do not feel he is competent enough, search again until you find the right one.

It is the lawyer’s duty to help the debtor pass and avail of bankruptcy protection smoothly. His role varies from preparing the necessary paperwork for filing the formal petition, choosing the ideal bankruptcy protection program for his client, serving as a mediator between his client and the creditors, choosing the ideal exemptions to representing his client in court. Majority of those people who filed for bankruptcy successfully with a lawyer’s help would go through all the process again with a lawyer.

Start the search for a competent lawyer now and make things easier in applying for bankruptcy protection.